Linux AIO Secondary releases

All ISOs and torrents are hosted on SourceForge. If you issue any problem with download, try to use some of the download managers, and always check downloaded file with MD5.

ISOs are tested in VirtualBox.

Due to limitations on SourceForge servers (max 5GB file can be uploaded) we needed to split ISO files. This is done by archiving ISO with .7z archiver in two parts. You need to download both parts and then to extract them. For extracting these files all you need is to have .7z archiver installed on your computer.


Linux AIO Ubuntu Mixture

Download Linux AIO Ubuntu Mixture 2017.01

ISO 64bit and uefi include: ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso, linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso, elementaryos-0.4-stable-amd64.20160921.iso, Zorin-OS-12-Core-64-20161120.iso.

Linux AIO Zorin OS

Download Linux AIO Zorin OS 11 Download Linux AIO Zorin OS 10 Download Linux AIO Zorin OS 9

ISO include: zorin-os-core-64.iso, zorin-os-core-32.iso, zorin-os-lite-32.iso.

Linux AIO Trisquel

Download Linux AIO Trisquel 7.0

ISO include: trisquel_amd64.iso, trisquel_i686.iso, trisquel-mini_amd64.iso, trisquel-mini_i686.iso.

Linux AIO SolydXK

Download Linux AIO SolydXK 201506

ISO 32bit include: solydk32.iso, solydx32.iso.
ISO 64bit include: solydk64.iso, solydx64.iso.


Download Linux AIO ROSA R5

ISO 32bit include: ROSA.FRESH.GNOME.i586.iso, ROSA.FRESH.KDE.i586.iso, ROSA.FRESH.LXDE.i586.iso.
ISO 64bit include: ROSA.FRESH.GNOME.x86_64.iso, ROSA.FRESH.KDE.x86_64.iso, ROSA.FRESH.LXDE.x86_64.iso.

Linux AIO Tanglu

Download Linux AIO Tanglu 3.0 Download Linux AIO Tanglu 2.0

ISO 32bit include: tanglu-gnome-live-amd64.hybrid.iso, tanglu-kde-live-amd64.hybrid.iso.
ISO 64bit include: tanglu-gnome-live-i386.hybrid.iso, tanglu-kde-live-i386.hybrid.iso.

Linux AIO ALT Linux

Download Linux AIO ALT Linux P7 20150612

ISO 32bit include: altlinux-cinnamon-i586.iso, altlinux-gnome3-i586.iso, altlinux-kde4-i586.iso, altlinux-lxde-i586.iso, altlinux-lxqt-i586.iso, altlinux-mate-i586.iso, altlinux-tde-i586.iso, altlinux-xfce-i586.iso.
ISO 64bit include: altlinux-cinnamon-x86_64.iso, altlinux-gnome3-x86_64.iso, altlinux-kde4-x86_64.iso, altlinux-lxde-x86_64.iso, altlinux-lxqt-x86_64.iso, altlinux-mate-x86_64.iso, altlinux-tde-x86_64.iso, altlinux-xfce-x86_64.iso.

Linux AIO Point Linux

Download Linux AIO Point Linux 3.0

ISO include: pointlinux-mate-full-32.iso, pointlinux-mate-full-64.iso, pointlinux-xfce-full-32.iso, pointlinux-xfce-full-64.iso.

Linux AIO Porteus

Download Linux AIO Porteus 3.1

ISO include: Porteus-KDE4-i486.iso, Porteus-KDE4-x86_64.iso, Porteus-LXQT-i486.iso, Porteus-LXQT-x86_64.iso, Porteus-MATE-i486.iso, Porteus-MATE-x86_64.iso, Porteus-XFCE-i486.iso, Porteus-XFCE-x86_64.iso.

Linux AIO PCLinuxOS

Download Linux AIO PCLinuxOS 2014.12

ISO 32bit include: pclinuxos-kde.iso, pclinuxos-mate.iso, pclinuxos-lxde.iso.
ISO 64bit include: pclinuxos64-kde.iso, pclinuxos64-mate.iso, pclinuxos64-lxde.iso.

Linux AIO Korora

Download Linux AIO Korora 21

ISO 32bit include: korora-i386-gnome-live.iso, korora-i386-cinnamon-live.iso, korora-i386-xfce-live.iso, korora-i386-mate-live.iso, korora-i386-kde-live.iso.
ISO 64bit include: korora-x86_64-gnome-live.iso, korora-x86_64-cinnamon-live.iso, korora-x86_64-xfce-live.iso, korora-x86_64-mate-live.iso, korora-x86_64-kde-live.iso.