Making multiboot ISO with Syslinux


We will make LXDE Multiboot ISO 32-bit edition with Syslinux.

LXDE distributions

We will download several 32-bit LXDE editions:

Then, we will check if the ISO image are authentic via md5sum records that are downloaded from the above mentioned links.


In “/home/username/” we will make folder “multiboot”, so that the path looks like this:


In folder “multiboot” we will make folder “syslinux”, so that the path looks like this:


In folder “syslinux” we will make folder “isolinux”, “lubuntu”, “lxle”, “mint” and “zorin”, so that the paths looks like this:


In file manager cmark option so you can see hidden files.

ISO images “lubuntu-14.10-desktop-i386.iso”, “lxle-12.04.5.iso”, “unofficial-linuxmint-17.1-lxde-dvd-32bit.iso” and “zorin-os-9-lite-32.iso” we well unpack/extract in folders:

  • “lubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386.iso” image unpac in folder “/home/username/multiboot/syslinux/lubuntu/”
  • “lxle-12.04.5.iso” image unpac in folder “/home/username/multiboot/syslinux/lxle/”
  • “unofficial-linuxmint-17.1-lxde-dvd-32bit.iso” image unpac in folder “/home/username/multiboot/syslinux/mint/”
  • “zorin-os-9-lite-32.iso” image unpac in folder “/home/username/multiboot/syslinux/zorin/”

From folder:


we will copy files “”, “isolinux.bin”, “isolinux.cfg” and “vesamenu.c32” in folder:


File “isolinux.cfg” from folder “/home/username/multiboot/syslinux/isolinux/” we will open in text editor (im ny case it is gEdit), than delete all text that we see and paste in it this text:

# ISOLINUX Menu by Linux AIO team, website:, contact:
# for tutorial 'How to made Multiboot ISO - Syslinux'
default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
timeout 300
menu title LXDE Multiboot 201505 ISO 32bit
label lubuntu
menu label Lubuntu 15.04
kernel /lubuntu/casper/vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/lubuntu/preseed/lubuntu.seed live-media-path=lubuntu/casper boot=casper initrd=/lubuntu/casper/initrd.lz ignore_uuid quiet splash --
label lxle
menu label LXLE 12.04.5
kernel /lxle/casper/vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/lxle/preseed/custom.seed live-media-path=lxle/casper boot=casper initrd=/lxle/casper/initrd.gz ignore_uuid quiet splash --
label mint
menu label Linux Mint 17.1 LXDE Unofficial
kernel /mint/casper/vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/mint/preseed/linuxmint.seed live-media-path=mint/casper boot=casper initrd=/mint/casper/initrd.lz ignore_uuid quiet splash --
label zorin
menu label Zorin OS 9 Lite
kernel /zorin/casper/vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/zorin/preseed/lubuntu.seed live-media-path=zorin/casper boot=casper initrd=/zorin/casper/initrd.lz ignore_uuid quiet splash --

then save it.

Making LiveISO

In Terminal we will type command for creating LiveISO:

mkisofs -r -V "lxde-multiboot" -cache-inodes -J -l -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/ \


-no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o /home/username/multiboot/lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso /home/username/multiboot/syslinux/

After some time, LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso” will be created and stored in “/home/username/multiboot/”.

Test LiveISO

We will test LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso” in VirtualBox to discover if there are any errors and to correct them.


If LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso” works ok we will make MD5SUM file. Run terminal and type path to folder where is stored LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso”

cd /home/username/multiboot/

then type command for creating MD5SUM file:

md5sum lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso > lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso.md5

After some time, MD5SUM file “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso.md5” will be created and stored in “/home/username/multiboot/”.


Next step is creating torrent for LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso”.

Run BitTorrent client (in my case it is qBittorrent), go to meni “Tools -> Torrent Creation Tool”. In new opened window click on “Add file”, browse to folder where is LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso”, and it is “/home/username/multiboot/”, click on/select LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso” and then click on “Open”.

In field “Tracker URLs” paste this text:


Then click on “Create and save…”. Browse to folder where we will stored torrent, and it is “/home/username/multiboot/”, and name it torrent with “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso.torrent”.

After some time, torrent file “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso.torrent” will be created and stored ih “/home/username/multiboot/”.


Now we can LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso”, MD5SUM file “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso.md5” and torrent file “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso.torrent” ?upload to some host and share download links.

Also, we can burn LiveISO image “lxde-multiboot-201505-32bit.iso” on DVD.


LXDE Multiboot 201505 ISO 32-bit you can download right now:

LXDE Multiboot ISO


For LXDE Multiboot ISO we used original untouched ISO’s without any customization, as you can see through this short tutorial.

In path “/home/username/multiboot/” instread of “username” you must enter your username.

When you work with some others distributions you must do some changes in “isolinux.cfg” file.


Translation from serbian: Kako napraviti Multiboot ISO – Syslinux.