Split/join files

Due to limitations on SourceForge servers (max 5GB file can be uploaded) we needed to split some ISO files. This is done by archiving ISO with .7z archiver in two parts. For extracting these files all you need is to have .7z archiver installed on your computer. This method will be used from now on, starting with Linux AIO Ubuntu 14.04.2 release. You can find .7z archiver for Linux, Mac and Windows on .7z official website.

First you need to install 7-Zip or some other archiver like PeaZip that can handle .7z files. Than download all parts of Linux AIO Ubuntu 16.04.1 64bit release: “linuxaio-ubuntu16041-amd64.7z.001” and “linuxaio-ubuntu16041-amd64.7z.002”. Than select “linuxaio-ubuntu16041-amd64.7z.001” through your archiver and choose extract/unpack or right click on “linuxaio-ubuntu16041-amd64.7z.001” and choose extract/unpack from drop menu. After extracting/unpacking you will get “linuxaio-ubuntu16041-amd64.iso” which you can burnt on DVD DL or USB 8GB+ flash drive.

Tutorial from e7z.org
Open/Extract 001/7z.001 File with Freeware on Windows/Mac/Linux